What is Mokshpath?

Mokshpath means path to liberation, enlightement.

It’s board game for kids to learn about incarnation and topics as such.

Its entertainment for Yogis.

It’s optimal for 2-4 players while playing and socialaizing.

It can be played even alone by rolling dice and going through the teachings of the steps.

Book for Event

If you are holding a festival or event and want interesting program. You can book Mokshpath workshop for your event.

In the workshop you will learn the backround of the game and it’s history.

There will be introduction to game and actual playing with workshop audience,

The workshop is interactive and relaxed.

End of the workshop you can purchase few different custom made variants of the Game Board Mokshpath.

The features are: Untearable, waterproof
size: A3

1. Original English version
2. Original Finnish version
3. Custom psychdelic UV English
4. Custom psychedelic UV Finnish

NOTE: Avatars you have to invent in the spot! Dice also is not included.


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Im author, yoga teacher, philantropist, enthusiastic traveller and explorer.


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